Taipei Open Source Software User Group

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「台北開放原始碼軟體使用者社群」簡稱「土虱社群」取其英文簡寫發音的台語諧音,這是一個愛好自由軟體與開放原始碼同好的聚會,從 2004 年開始直到現在。

Taipei Open Source Software User Group (TOSSUG, pounced like Catfish in Taiwanese) We are a group of people who live, study or work around Taipei and love to use, promote, or write Free Software or Open Source Software. This group is formed since 2004 and any one shares the same interests is welcome to join our regular meetup on every Tuesday!

定期聚會:每週二晚上通常在摩茲工寮,時間通常是 19:30 開始到 21:30 結束(台北時間)。

Regular Meetup: Every Tuesday evening usually at Mozilla Community Space Taipei, the meetup usually starts at 19:30 and ends at 21:30 (Taipei time).